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Terms And Conditions


Terms of purchase in brief
Welcome to replikor.se where we have worked with Mail Order and E-commerce for almost 50 years. We are also here to help if you are wondering or need help with something - all so that you can feel safe with your purchase with us!

  • 30 day money back guarantee (se terms below)
  • Free exchange of goods ( freightcost not included ).
  • Shippingcost is added at checkout
  • The goods are normally shipped the same day if orders are placed before 15.00 (valid weekdays)
  • More Terms read below



All prices are quoted including Swedish VAT.

Shipping rates
The actual shipping cost is added at checkout so you know before confirming your order.

Deliver time
The goods are normally shipped the same day if orders are placed before 15.00.
After placing an order, replikor.se will send out an order confirmation by e-mail. Save this as proof of warranty.

Deliver (DHL Parcel Connect)
We ship all normal parcels with DHL parcel connect. The delivery time varies from country to country but normally takes between 3 - 7 working days. We currently only ship to countries within the EU market.

Paket leverans
För produkter, normalt under 20kg levereras produkten till närmsta utlämningsställe. Har du angett ditt mobilnummer kommer du att få en SMS avisering om att produkten finns att avhämta. Annars kommer du att bli aviserad via e-post.

Transport damage
Make a habit of always inspecting outer packaging to ensure that it is not transport damaged. Once you have unpacked the product, also inspect the product. If you discover a transport damage, you will report this to us within 7 days.In the case of home delivery, report damage to the carrier and ask the carrier to make a note of this on the consignment note. Depending on the extent of the fault, the product is replaced by a new one or if the error can be corrected by sending a new part. Please note that you should not use the product or dispose of the packaging as this may be inspected.

Delivery delay
If the delivery is delayed, you will receive a notification of this via email. The customer has the right to cancel the purchase if there is a longer delay in delivery until the goods have been shipped. 

Unclaimed packages
If you choose not to redeem your package/shipment, we will have to charge you for our actual costs that we have incurred for sending the package back and forth (for the moment at least 250 Sek). It is therefore important that if you wish to invoke your right of withdrawal that you first release the package/shipment.

We always offer a 14 day right of withdrawal. This is a statutory right for private individuals under the distance trading/ e-commerce agreement. This period of time begins on the day you have received the goods. The product must be in new condition and returned with original packaging. If you regretted the purchase or wrongly ordered the item, you will be responsible for the return cost. If we are the ones who have done the wrong thing, we are responsible for this cost. Please note that the customer is responsible for the risk during transport if the product is damaged or lost. Refunds will be made within a maximum of 14 days after the returned item has been approved. If you have any doubts about something, always start contacting us via info@replikor.se or phone +46-33-103515 - we are here to help you.

For complaints, always contact repliker.se first by e-mail info@replikor.se or phone +46-33-103515. Always provide a clear description of the problem. If the fault can be easily corrected with a spare part, replikor.se will promptly ensure that one is sent. If the defect is of a larger nature, the product will be replaced at replikor.se expense. Complaints not announced in the above-mentioned manner are not accepted.

In the event of a dispute, replikor.se will follow the recommendations of the General Complaints Board.

Replikor.se always provide at least one year's warranty on the products. Note that replicas are intended for ornamental and not to play with. For a longer warranty period, it is stated in the product text. Replikor.se always complies with the Consumer Purchase Act and the recommendations of the Swedish Consumer Agency.

Age limit for shopping
Replikor.se do not enter into a purchase agreement with persons under the age of 18. In cases where the person is under the age of 18, parental consent and signature are required.

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