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Handgrenade M43 - Germany 1943

219 kr

Including VAT
Article number: 1000103


Replica of the “Stielhandgranate” M43 – further developed from the famous hand grenade M24 used during WWI and WWII. Primarily hand grenades were used to fight troops at close range – the advantage with the handle were to reach longer but the precision deteriorated. Due to that, this kind of grenades very often were called defense hand grenades because they were much better to use in defense battle compare with using them in offensive war fare were the egg hand grenades were much better. The shaft hand grenade was introduced in 1915 and was developing during WWI. It detonated by friction – this method was not so common in other countries but were the main type of grenade in Germany, also countries like Sweden used this type of grenades during this time. As the war progressed with the Soviet Union, Germany had lost much of its power advantage and it therefore became very important that the war material did not malfunction and that it could be produced faster, easier, and cheaper. The big difference with the M24 was that some costly components were removed, and the ignition unit had direct contact with the explosive. Production of these ended in 1945 when the war ended. The replica is made entirely of wood and gives a very nice impression.

Length 35,5 cm    Weight 325 g

Made in China

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