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Replica Rifle STG 44 (Sturmgewehr) - Germany 1943

1 999 kr

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Article number: 1000099


Replica of stg-44 (Sturmgewehr 44) which is considered the world's first modern assault rifle and the ancestor of several other modern weapons such as the Soviet AK-47. The rifle was designed by Hugo Schmeisser. In 1942, German weapons technicians began developing a fully automatic rifle that could replace machine gun, repeating rifles and even light machine guns for front-line service. Since Hitler had banned the development of new rifles at the time, it went as a machine gun and under the working name MP-43 when testing it on a slightly larger scale in the northern sector of the Eastern Front. The assault rifle was far superior to existing k-pistes and repeater rifles and also reduced the support requirement of the MG-34/MG-42 machine guns. After the tests, several division commanders personally demanded from Hitler that the weapon should be approved and in 1944 it was added in the service for the front units under the name Sturmgewehr 44. A total of 426,000 Stg-44s were manufactured during the war. The residual stockpile was used for a period by the East German Army but was then exported to end up in the Middle East, Africa, Vietnam, etc. The caliber of the weapon was 7.92mm and had a fire speed of 500 rounds/min. Effective range was around 300m at automatic fire and around 600m at semi-automatic. The magazine held 30 rounds. This fine replica is made of wood and metal. You can make simulated loading, dry fire and remove the magazine. Given its important role in gun history, this is a very popular weapon in collectors' circles.


Weight: 4824 g                      Length: 930 mm

Made by Denix

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