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Replica Revolver MK 4 United Kingdom 1923

499 kr

Including VAT
Article number: 1000024


MK-4 revolver, UK 1887 – 1970

 A true classic revolver who was developed by Webley & Scott to provide the British officers of the British Empire with a new and smoother side arms than the unpopular Enfield models MKI and MKII. The MK-4 revolver fired powerful .455 Webley bullets and was sometimes by far the most powerful revolver in the breakout model. The MK-4 model became very popular during the Boer War 1899 – 1902.

Gradually, other parts of the British Army were also supplied with the Webley revolver as a personal defensive weapon. The revolver was made in several different designs and the MK-VI manufactured in 1915 – 1923 during The First World War is perhaps the most famous model. During WWII, the MK-4 was still the revolver used most in terms of number. The MK-4 model with the powerful .455 Webley bullets retired in 1947 while the .38/200 slightly finer caliber model was used until the 1970s. This revolver was very reliable and was built in a very durable construction while also had no major problems working satisfactorily in war conditions with dirt and mud. For the revolver there was also a lot of special equipment like bayonet, fast charger and a stock that allowed you to convert it into a small Carabiner. Effective shooting distance was approx. 50m and the initial speed was around 190m/s on the coarser caliber. In total, about 125,000 pcs were produced during the period. The drum was a 6-shot cylinder, and the sights were fixed. The original revolver had both single and double action imprints. On this nice replica you only have double action function, it also has locked the jumper where you normally break the revolver, so it is not possible to open. The revolver has a high realistic value incidentally.

Length: 28,5cm               Weight: 700g

Made by Denix

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