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Replica Submachine Gun MP-40 - Germany 1940

1 650 kr

Including VAT
Article number: 1000060


One of the hottest collector replicas MP-40 or "Maschinenpistole 40" (as it was called in German) for all of you who like German weapons icons during WWII. The original model was called MP-38 and was in production from 1938, the model was primarily intended for German paratroopers. However, the MP-38 was far too expensive to produce and was replaced in 1940 by the MP-40, which was manufactured, among other things, from punched-out steel sheet parts, plastic and composite grips. Due to the many damage shootings with the MP 38, the MP-40 was immediately supplied with a safety button. The magazine is intended for 32 cartridges but if you loaded it fully it often led to fire breaks so therefore the magazines were only loaded with a maximum of 30 shots in the field. The ammunition was 9mm Parabellum which is still a commonly used gun ammunition. The MP-40 replaced the K-98 rifle as the main armament of most units, especially in the battles with Russia, where urban combat was common and the rifles became slow and unwieldy, while many of the Red Army units were equipped with machine guns. Maybe fun to know is, often the MP-40 is referred to as a schmeisser which is incorrect - Hugo Schmeisser designed the MP-18 but was not involved at all in the MP-40 model - it was the machine company's ERMA engineers who were behind it. In total, over 1,000,000 MP-40s were manufactured between 1940 and 1945. The cost of production translated into today's monetary value was approximately EUR 230. The muzzle velocity was 400m/s. Effective firing range was 100 – 200m and the maximum firing range was only around 250m. This fine replica model of the MP-40 is very realistic, you can, among other things, make loading movement, fold out the shoulder support, dry fire and release the magazine.


Length: 640 mm                              Weight: 3660 g

Made by Denix

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