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Replica Pistol PM - Russia 1955

699 kr

Including VAT
Article number: 1000019


Replica of the Makarov pistol, also known as the PM (Piatolet Makmarova), which was the service pistol of the Russian army and police from 1951 until the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991. After WWII, the Soviet Union quickly needed a new flexible and reliable pistol to replace the old, clumsy Tokarev pistol. All well-known USSR technical weapons engineers were involved in the work of producing a suitable pistol and after it was decided that caliber 9mm was preferable to 7.62mm, Makarov's proposal came out quite early. He had taken the inspiration for the design from the German Walther PP. After several years of testing, it was decided that Makarov's proposal would become the Soviet Union's new service weapon. The pistol was the simplest model of the proposals with the least parts, thus cheap to manufacture, but at the same time it was also the most reliable of the various proposals. From 1951 onwards, Nikolay Fyodorovich Makarov's pistol was mass-produced and the PM model began to be distributed to all military units inside the USSR. Over the years, police and military units were also armed with the Makarov pistol in what we usually call the old Eastern European countries. The pistol had a standard 8-shot magazine that was loaded with 9 x 18 mm Makarov ammunition, blowback and DA / SA trigger. Effective shooting range was maximum 50 meter. It produced just over 5 million copies and a large number also on license. Despite the official change of service pistol in Russia, The Makarov pistol remains in many units because it is believed that operational reliability is still better at the Makarov pistol compare with the new official replacement.  Here you now have the chance to buy your own "historical symbol" from the glory days of the Cold War. The replica pistol is very realistic and you can make a mantle movement, dry fire and remove the magazine.

Length: 16 cm   Weight: 649 g

Made by Denix

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