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Leg Holster Combat

179 kr

Including VAT
Article number: 1000073


Leg holster – a must for those interested in weapons and need a simply way to carrying It. Here you have an adjustable and powerful leg holster that fits most pistol models. The holster has a comfortable fit and durable construction with strong buckles. You will also find an extra pocket that holds e.g. extra magazine, flashlight or similar. One of the big advantage of a leg holster is that you have a quick access to the weapon at the same time you have both hands free – by attaching it to the thigh, you also shift the weight away from the hip, relieve back problem by losing the load and even when you, for example, wearing your heavy safety west, it is much easier to get hold of the weapon with a leg holster. New rules also stipulate that you can no longer leave your gunpowder weapon when you go forward and mark, which has made this model super popular even around amateur shooters as the holster costs around 1/5th of what well-known brands holster costs. This holster is in the right-hand version.

Length: 45cm     Weight: 300 g

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