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About us

Welcome to Replikor.se

This company is run by Think Active AB and belongs to Klippex Group AB. We are located in "Knallestaden" Borås, by many known as the Mecca of distance trading.We have almost 50 years of experience in mail order and now e-commerce, which gives you as a customer an extra security, in addition to that, we have 3 guiding principles that we follow - the right price - very fast deliveries - high service. The reason we also opened up the site Replikor.se was that there was a lack of a special site that only marketed replicas in Sweden. The natural thing was also that we mainly chose to work directly, without costly intermediaries with Spanish Denix, which is one of the world's largest and perhaps most affordable replica producers.

We have also chosen to conduct our business through e-commerce and have thereby opted out of expensive store locations and high staff costs to always be very competitive regarding the pricelevels. Of course, we also work with the latest security systems, Klarna as a partner for the payment solutions and DHL responsible for the deliveries - all so that you as a customer will feel maximum security with your internet purchase.

We are very proud of our site - hope you like it just as much!


If you have any questions, please contact us at info@replikor.se

Visiting address: Gässlösavägen 33, 504 41 Borås, Sweden
URL : www.replikor.se
Org.nr: 5568992373
VAT nr: 556899237301
BG: 734-5457

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